Apple’s SwiftUI Tutorial

During my time at Lambda School as an iOS instructor I volunteered to design a SwiftUI tutorial. As I’ve said before, SwiftUI is not something that should be on your radar if you’re close to getting a job. Most companies are not using it and those that are using it should be more interested in your general skills instead of your SwiftUI skills.¬†However, at Lambda I was teaching the part-time course and that meant that students would take 18 months to finish the bootcamp so it made sense to teach SwiftUI because 18 months is 1.5 iOS releases.¬†

Anyway, I looked up plenty of SwiftUI tutorials and they were all over the place when it comes to quality, not to mention that SwiftUI is a completely different beast than UIKit. As a senior and an instructor, I wanted to truly understand SwiftUI and there’s many complex concepts that I needed to explore like closures, functional programming, and opaque types.

After a while, and with the help of another instructor (the amazing Dimitri Bouniol) I managed to get a decent, 2.5 hour lesson ready for teaching. However, it didn’t matter how much time I spent working on the lesson, I just couldn’t top Apple’s SwiftUI tutorials.

I know some of you are already SwiftUI experts, but for those like me, who are just starting out due to work or other commitments, these tutorials are really something else. The design is so good, and since it’s coming straight from the horse’s mouth they are extremely thorough.

See the full tutorial: